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Name Bubbles // Rapunzel
Age 18
Team Sapphire

Height/Build 5"4, incredibly slim and small but with toned muscles from years of pulling people up towers by her hair.
Hair Color/Eye Color Blonde except for one brown lock she keeps tucked away/Green
Notable Traits Her hair is 70ft long. You will look at this girl and immediately notice 'whoa, that's 70 feet of hair'.

Other SHE HOLDS A DROP OF SUNLIGHT AND HER HAIR IS MADE OF SUNLIGHT AND OH THE SUN PINGS IN THIS GIRL. Firebender types will feel stronger just by standing next to her. Rapunzel is made of light and hope and fluff, there is so much optimism and happiness radiating from this girl it is infectious.
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 [I guess legacy heroes have candles on their quests now!]
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HEY FOLKS, so some of you might have noticed, Bubbles is very sad. And that's terrible! We're going to have to fix that. I'm planning on running an out of time heart game within the next few weeks, this is a post to gauge interest and availability. Anyone is welcome and I don't mind how many, so if you want your character to venture into Bubbles heart let me know here, along with what days would be best for you.

Disney means it probably wont' be that traumatic, there shouldn't be any maiming or serious danger involved in this heart, but there may be some fake-out Disney death falls and upset little girls boo hoo.
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It's been four months since my last one so QUESTION MEME, I play Rapunzel and Robin at [community profile] thusia  and Taisuke/Fire and Rapunzel/Bubbles at [community profile] aather . Questions for past/musebox/other characters are legit too
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Age: 18
Height: 5"4
Build: Tiny, small and slim and appears slight but she is actually incredibly strong. Her tiny noodle arms have a lot of muscle in them and her neck is made of STEEL to drag that hair around.
Hair color: Blonde, except for one tiny brunette lock she keeps hidden
Eye color: Green
Marks/scars/tattoos: Absolutely none
Any other general description: 70 FEET OF MAGICAL HAIR IT'S SUPER LONG. Despite all logic and physics and movie title indications it hardly ever gets tangled, it's always neat and perfect. It's not actually straight, it's got a lot of waves in it, despite the fact that it should be really heavy it's very light and bouncy. Her eyebrows are brown to reflect her natural hair colour and she's covered in freckles. She never wears shoes and she does a lot of hard work with her hands but despite this, has absolutely no callouses or blisters or any indication of her lifestyle choices.
OPTIONAL! Pimp your canon: A Place To Read/Watch/Enjoy The Thing I like

Special magical powers: LIGHT AND HEALING AND ALSO IMMORTALITY. Rapunzel has unlimited healing magic, not even death can stop her!!
Special physical powers: A master of hair-fu. Also smacking people with frying pans. Rapunzel is also a Disney Princess and that comes with a whole host of wacky fun like talking to animals and randomly bursting into song, it's not magical to her but to everyone else gosh where is this background music coming from!!
Will ping others as: 'A demon? A fragment of the sun? An angel? Psychic?' <-- YES I AM THAT FRAGMENT OF SUN IT IS ME. Technically also a flower. If you like changing fate and rewinding time she's also your girl.
Things that ping me: MEN WITH POINTY TEETH!!! She's pretty wary of demons and monsters and such but she's getting better. Pinged by paranoia? And LIGHTS.
Maiming, Injury, Death?: I will always consent to getting my Disney princess maimed just lemme stab you back sometimes 'kay :)
Fights, Romance, Fade to Boning?: Sorry fellas she's taken. Actual one true Disney love Eugene Fitzherbert kyaaa
Player squicks/plzno: I can never think of anything to this.
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[And that night, something very strange occurred.]
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Memory 17, When Will My Life Begin
Form: A tube of blue lipgloss (1/5)
What it is:

What she learned:

- Even more skills she has to earn back, GOSH SHE GOT BORED A LOT
- She was really hoping Gothel would take her to see the lanterns, her first plan was asking permission and going together, not trickery and deceit :(

Memory 18, A little conflicted about this outside business
A fake half diamond that needs to be broken (1/1)
What it is:

What she learned:

- ...But also the outside is really great '^'
- BUNNIES CAN SMELL FEAR lol no that's silly, let's be less jumpy
- Flynn is a jerk Flynn is a jerk FLYNN IS A JERK
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I play Lenalee Lee/Persephone, Kanou Taisuke, Rapunzel, Robin and Senri at [community profile] thusia, Aqua/Cupcake Frosting at [community profile] decollage , and Kanou Taisuke/Fire and Kairi/Rainbow at [community profile] aather
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Rapunzel hit 1, 000 comments a while ago and as I understand it that is call for a questions meme. Ask away!
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